May 21, 2010

Today’s food was, as the title says, perfect. The fruit salad for breakfast was sublime, and since I spent about 20 minutes doing yoga before eating it I was pretty hungry. Lunch was leftover, non-upsetting, soy-free chile relleno (just the one). I got an amazing parfait from our local Nature’s Table for an afternoon snack. It had two kinds of yogurt, two kinds of fruit, walnuts (possibly my favorite nuts), and plenty of granola.

I actually managed to down all of that and spend about an hour at the gym with no digestive complaints at all. I guess it really was the soy. That’s unfortunate from one perspective, because I was trying to find a way to go vegan and soy was a major source of vegan protein (not to mention the main ingredient in some of my favorite dishes). On the other hand, soy products are expensive, while animal sources of protein (eggs, cottage cheese, yogurt, milk, etc) are cheap as hell. I really don’t like the plight of dairy cows and chickens in this country. However, G is of the opinion that we do not make enough money to use it for animal rights activism, and thus I purchase the cheapest food available. Which, in this case, is definitely cows milk and cottage cheese.

Dinner was a sublime dal bhaji with homemade tortillas. Also not upsetting and entirely soy free (and, coincidentally, vegan). I’m having a glass of wine while I type, too, which is also not upsetting! I guess I am going to give the whole “is it or is it not making me ill?” assessment a rest for now and consider how food makes me feel physically and mentally.

Today is Friday, and on Fridays I’d like to list out my major discoveries for the week, for future reference. So here’s what I’ve determined this week (and further determined, as of today, is still true):

  • Don’t eat plain fruit for breakfast.
  • Never make extra portobello pineapple sandwhiches.
  • I can’t make this bun recipe work (but maybe you can?)
  • Never eat buttery squash casserole without a side.
  • 1 cup fresh fruit + 1/2 cup cottage cheese = awesome, easy breakfast.
  • No mochas before noon!
  • If it’s full of butter or cream, no amount of it is a good choice for lunch.
  • I should brew green tea as soon as I’m awake enough to boil water!
  • I shouldn’t make sweeping generalizations about reactions to food while I’m still ill.
  • Black tea for breakfast is OK, but not as great as green tea.
  • Dairy is not the (digestive) problem.
  • Grains are not the problem either.
  • I got an amazing parfait from our local Nature’s Table.
  • I might have spontaneously developed a soy allergy.
  • Consider how food makes me feel physically and mentally.

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